Nope, like plenty of additional traditional faiths, having sex before wedding happens to be forbidden – or ‘haram’.

Nope, like plenty of additional traditional faiths, having sex before wedding happens to be forbidden – or ‘haram’.

Welcome to the latest line wherein most of us question practical question: just how do people from different religions make love?

We’ll end up being discovering how Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and preferably Zoroastrians (if we can find one who’ll contact us) have sex.

We’ll end up being wondering exactly the same questions regarding each religion so that they can much better understand how your religion can profile your sex life. Recently we’re considering exactly how Muslims have sex.

This television series is based on the official theories of the religion, not really what persons might choose to do.

Could you have sex before relationships?

As Muslim and publisher Faima Bakar explains: ‘No situation exactly how ‘practicing’ or low engaging in you might be, both issues that were used really severely as a Muslim are not diet chicken instead of having sex before nuptials, although some are usually more casual because of the later.

‘There’s lots of Muslims just who date but generally without love for the reason that it’s thought about an issue – someone to become protected for relationships. And those who do have premarital sex are most likely extremely peaceful about this, though I do believe they’re within the minority.’

What’s sex like within marriage?

Extramarital gender is a major no-no, but within wedding sexual intercourse is regarded as positive and essential.

Stress is positioned on the importance of foreplay. Muslims are actually forbidden to act like creatures, and sexual intercourse without heavy petting is regarded as performing like an animal, therefore arousal is really important.

Can you use contraception?

Yes. Islam is encouraging on the usage of contraception for family preparation functions. The am after drug can also be granted, given that the girl having it can don’t think that she gets conceived.

Girls possess to need whatever birth control encounter, without their particular husband’s license, nonetheless they must not force his or her husband to wear a condom or grab before ejaculating, both genders need power over unique contraceptives.


Termination is absolutely not freely allowed – but can also become permitted, particularly in the event that pregnancy presents a real probability around the mother’s overall health.

It can also be thought to be allowable to counteract the pain associated with fetus whether its less than 120 times early.

In Iran, great Ayatollah Yusuf Saanei distributed a fatwa which permits termination in the first ninety days, mentioning: ‘…Islam is also a religion of consideration, and if you can find really serious issues, goodness sometimes doesn’t need his or her wildlife to rehearse his regulation. Thus under some conditions–such as parents’ poverty or overpopulation-then abortion is definitely granted.’ – great Ayatollah Yusuf Saanei quoted in L. A. era, December 29, 2000

Mouth gender?

a gray region. Some students claim that whilst it’s unfavorable, it’s appropriate.

Anal sex?

Huge no-no. Rectal intercourse is recognized as being ‘the sin of Lot’s everyone’ and its certainly not acceptable between hetero or homosexual couples.

Definitely, when we talked about, they are established theories of Islam. There can be Muslims that do need anal intercourse, the same as there could be Jews who take in bacon and Catholics who are throughout the pill.

Course love?

No – instead of the diet plan. Muslims are not designed to have sexual intercourse during a woman’s time or during her afterbirth, greatly because it’s known to be uncomfortable for all the woman.


Sorry to say maybe not. Like a bunch of other biggest religions, homosexuality is not permissible under Islam. Guys who have gender along with other males need reprimanded, boasts the Koran, though no correction was defined.

The passage through of the Qu’ran which happens to be frequently stated to prohibit homosexuality is really as employs: ‘And as for the two of you boys who are responsible for lewdness, punish both of them. When the two repent and enhance, consequently allow the chips to feel. Lo! Allah happens to be Merciful.’

Women having sexual intercourse with women declines in the exact same umbrella.

There are certainly gay Muslims, but just like in Christianity and lots of some other religious beliefs, because individuals of the same intercourse cannot marry, it is impossible to bring married sex for the focus of faith.


Genital stimulation is not at all granted for for men or women, but various instances of Islam take a little bit different stances regarding how incorrect it really is.

How love-making good include Muslims?

There are certainly a lot of procedures, but since you’re using heterosexual love-making with a joined lover, and she’s not on this model years, it’s regarded as an important and valued part of a wedding.

It’s the women in Islam who’ve ‘rights’ to love. Men are supposed to sleep with the wives at least once every four many months, though female can waive their particular to it.

In the future we’ll generally be inquiring just how Sikhs make love.

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